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  • [G&A] Growth & Acquisitions: M&A's Most Influential Women 2024; GPT Store; OpenAI answers UK committee on copyright infringement; Staffing shortages; more...

[G&A] Growth & Acquisitions: M&A's Most Influential Women 2024; GPT Store; OpenAI answers UK committee on copyright infringement; Staffing shortages; more...

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In the News

Mergers & Acquisitions has named 16 women as honorees of its 2024 Most Influential Women in Mid-Market M&A. This year marks our ninth annual effort recognizing exceptional women who excel and hold influential positions in the dealmaking community — the longest such awards in the industry.

This year’s class hails from a variety of firms that play a role in the dealmaking ecosystem, highlighting the diversity and talent of women in mid-market M&A. They stand out as a whole in a challenging and competitive environment. Read more here…

OpenAI has launched its new GPT Store providing users with access to custom AI assistants.

Since the announcement of custom ‘GPTs’ two months ago, OpenAI says users have already created over three million custom assistants. Builders can now share their creations in the dedicated store. Read more here…

OpenAI made waves this week with its bold assertion to a UK parliamentary committee that it would be “impossible” to develop today’s leading AI systems without using vast amounts of copyrighted data.

The company argued that advanced AI tools like ChatGPT require such broad training that adhering to copyright law would be utterly unworkable. Read more here…

Claude Gibson, the franchise owner and operator of Mr. Appliance of Hyde Park, said business for his delivery repair service was strong last year, in spite of some staffing shortage that forced him to turn customers away.

“Right now, with the lack of manpower, I’m forced to … only service property managers and warranty customers,” said Claude Gibson, who brought the franchise to Hyde Park in 2021. “It’s very difficult to turn away a lot of customers.” Read more here…

The Small Business Association (SBA) announced Monday it has opened applications for its annual accelerator competition.

Inc. reported the SBA Growth Accelerator Fund competition brings organizations together to advance small business R&D efforts and compete for cash prizes from $50,000 to $200,000. The competition also allows universities and research organizations to forge partnerships with small businesses. Read more here…

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In the Pods + Reviews

The Hub Short Take:

In this episode, Bedros Keuilian shares six unconventional strategies for scaling a business quickly. He emphasizes the importance of scaling fast in order to stay ahead of the competition and become an industry dominator.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Identifying future customers: Ask yourself who has your future customers and clients, and focus on building relationships with those individuals or organizations.

  2. The 5% rule: Delegate the tasks that are not in your zone of genius and focus on the critical few tasks that will have the most impact on your business.

The Hub Short Take:

Abraham Gin shares his insights and experiences as a serial entrepreneur and business owner. He discusses his journey from starting his first business at the age of 15 to owning over 30 businesses today. Abraham emphasizes the importance of buying businesses that are already established and profitable, rather than starting from scratch.

Key Takeaway:

  1. Buying established businesses that are already profitable is a smarter and less risky approach than starting from scratch.

The Hub Short Take:

In this episode of the "How to Exit" podcast, guest host Marty Fahncke interviews Ronald Skelton, the host of the podcast. . Ronald emphasizes the importance of rapport, due diligence, and effective communication in the acquisition process. He also shares his top three mistakes that people make in acquisitions and offers advice for both newbies and seasoned professionals.

Key Takeaway:

  1. Building rapport with the seller and all parties involved is crucial in the acquisition process.

The Hub Short Take:

In this episode, Leila Hormozi emphasizes the importance of conviction and storytelling in sales, and how these skills can be applied to any business. She also talks about the mindset shift she experienced after her parents’ divorce and how it shaped her determination to be a better person and build a successful life.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Developing a strong sales mindset is crucial for success in any industry.

  2. Conviction and storytelling are powerful tools in sales and marketing.

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Shout out to our new founding member, with over 30 years in M&A, this company offers a Resource Center helping you buy good businesses. Very underpriced - get it now before they finish upgrading the site and very likely up the pricing. 

In the Knowledge 

The information in the following articles is important for any business, particularly for new acquisitions. Add them to your Knowledge Bank.

Will there be a recession? Are we in a downturn? Even economists can't agree. Still, entrepreneurs are busy planning, projecting, and looking into the future. There are countless decisions to be made, but one of the most critical is what strategy your company will pursue this year — is it a year of growth or status quo? Read more here…

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In the BIG Guys Corner … (middle market and above) 

(Reuters) - Chesapeake Energy said on Thursday it would buy smaller rival Southwestern Energy in an all-stock transaction valued at $7.4 billion, a deal that would enable the second-largest U.S. natural gas producer to take the top spot. Read more here…

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In the Sosh … who to follow this week

Founded Spartan in 2010 and is now the world’s leading obstacle racing company with over 300 events in 40+ countries, 1 million-plus global participants, key sponsors including two popular TV programs and numerous other lifestyle products.

“I've been a lifelong entrepreneur, from selling fireworks at age eight, to building a multimillion-dollar pool business in college, to founding a Wall Street trading firm.

Connect with him on LinkedIn.

In the calendar … 

A twice-monthly networking meeting where acquisitions entrepreneurs come together online to build teams, share ideas and resources, and help each other succeed. The first and Third Tuesday of each month. Check it out...

University of Michigan ETA Conference (Jan 18-19) - Ann Arbor, MI

Gain insights into essential decision-making aspects, including knowing when to pull the plug on a potential acquisition, effectively identifying serious sellers, and making informed choices when selecting and preparing for industry conferences.

M&A SOUTH is the premier networking event in the South for participants in all facets of corporate growth and Middle Market deal-making. 

This LIVE event presents the opportunity for intermediaries, corporate development officers, accountants, lawyers, senior lenders, and other deal makers to meet and greet with top private equity and mezzanine capital providers. Check it out…

MIT ETA Conference (Feb 16) - Cambridge, MA

Get ready to dive into a day full of engaging presentations and interactive sessions covering a wide range of topics such as value creation with AI, ETA to reduce the racial wealth gap, and more. Whether you're an aspiring searcher, currently in the environment, or just exploring, there's something for everyone at the ETA Conference.Wharton ETA Club (Spring 2024) - Philadelphia, PA

Presented by MASource.org. Check it out.

Capital Camp is an upcoming event scheduled for May 21-23, 2024, in Columbia, Missouri. The event is described as a gathering for "curious, kind, and thoughtful investors, capital providers, entrepreneurs, and executives" who are pushing boundaries and breaking new ground.

The event spans three days and three nights, offering serious investing conversations in a relaxed setting—think shorts and sandals rather than suits and ties. Attendees can expect interactive programming, a variety of outdoor activities, and an endless supply of food, drink, and entertainment.

The event has received high praise from past attendees, with many describing it as the most valuable and best investing conference they've ever attended. Check it out…

AI & Big Data Expo North America – Conference & Exhibition June 5-6 - SANTA CLARA CONVENTION CENTER, CA

Discovering the intelligent future through AI & Big Data. AI & Big Data Expo is the leading event for Enterprise AI, Machine Learning, Security, Ethical AI, Deep Learning, Data Ecosystems, and NLP. Check it out…

Through a dynamic mix of lectures, case studies, class discussions, hands-on learning, and visits from guest speakers, this program provides critical insights and powerful tools for the successful formulation and execution of an M&A strategy — one that creates true value for your organization. Check it out…

The Kayo Women’s M&A Summit unites 300 women leaders in mergers & acquisitions, private equity deal-making and capital markets. Over the course of two days, attendees can expect to generate deal opportunities through peer-to-peer networking, educational content, and a supportive community atmosphere in the private equity hub of Boston. Check it out…


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