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  • [G&A] Growth & Acquisitions: M&A 101, Dave Ramsey, Use IRA for Acquisitions - Legally, 2024 Deal-making Trends, Power Growth, Action Bots, De-Merger... +++

[G&A] Growth & Acquisitions: M&A 101, Dave Ramsey, Use IRA for Acquisitions - Legally, 2024 Deal-making Trends, Power Growth, Action Bots, De-Merger... +++

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In the News

A number of factors contributed to a muted M&A environment last year. Global inflation remained elevated for much of 2023, only receding at the end of the year; as a result, central banks kept interest rates at higher levels to cool inflation, which increased borrowing costs for buyers looking to finance M&A deals. Additionally, equity markets were challenged throughout much of the year, bringing down valuations and creating uncertainty. Finally, large M&A transactions continue to face increased regulatory scrutiny, which impacted the number of megadeals in 2023. Read more here…

Merging with or acquiring another business can be one of the most challenging moments a company can face. The critical thing is that both sides are clear on why they are buying or selling and what the plan moving forward is, says Jeannette Linfoot. Read more here…

Generative AI has become synonymous with creative content generation, but the technology is rapidly expanding its horizons. Researchers and companies are aggressively exploring the development of intelligent generative AI agents—or, as I call them, "action bots"—that can automate complex tasks to achieve specific goals. As Accenture pointed out, "96% of executives agree leveraging AI agent ecosystems will be a significant opportunity for their organizations in the next three years." Read more here…

It’s easy to get lost in jargon, obsess over every data point, and end up forgetting about the bottom line. Instead, marketers should focus on measuring what matters. Step back from spending on plans that primarily drive hygiene metrics like CTR and viewability. For example, even a campaign served with 100% viewability, isn’t a guaranteed success. Viewability as defined by the Media Ratings Council doesn’t necessarily mean a consumer is actually looking at the ad on their screen, or that they’re the right audience for your product. Read more here…

Recent history has shown the power of scientific research and endeavor in supporting human life and health, better understanding our planet, opening up space exploration and much, much more. Now, consider what could be accomplished by pairing entrepreneurial drive and corporate resources with the practices, knowledge and learnings of the scientific community—the results might literally change the world. Read more here…

One of the most difficult challenges following a merger or acquisition is how the new entity can unite the original companies' diverse cultures, values and corporate identities. In the aftermath of the pandemic, with more companies having a workforce that's spread across the country (or the globe), it can be even harder to orchestrate a substantial culture shift and create a truly engaged, cohesive environment. Read more here…

The convergence of data and payments is proving to be the linchpin for unlocking unprecedented business growth and delivering unparalleled customer value. As digital payments continue to surge, financial institutions find themselves at the crossroads of data analytics and payment strategies, necessitating a paradigm shift in approaches to data analysis. Exploring the symbiotic relationship between payment analytics and data becomes paramount simply due to the transformative potential that lies within this dynamic fusion. Read more here…

A de-merger is a form of corporate restructuring in which a business is broken into components. These units operate on their own or may be sold or liquidated as a divestiture. A de-merger allows a large company to split off its various brands or business units to invite or prevent an acquisition, to raise capital by selling off components that are no longer part of the business's core product line, or to create separate legal entities to handle different operations. Read more here…

As businesses plan for a new year ahead and formulate strategies for growth, one factor that should be high on executive to-do lists is risk mitigation. This is especially true for businesses that operate in highly regulated sectors, such as financial services or healthcare. In these areas, even the slightest error can have significant financial and legal consequences. Experience shows that an important component in successful risk management strategies is process automation and process management. These activities lead to increased consistency, efficiency, and accountability across the business. Read more here…

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In the Pods + Reviews

The Short Take:

Adam Bergman discusses the Rollover Business Startup Solution (ROBS) and how it can be a valuable tax planning opportunity for individuals looking to start or buy a business.

Key Takeaways:

  1. ROBS is the only legal way to use retirement funds to invest in a business tax-free and penalty-free.

  2. By using a ROBS, individuals can generate tax-free returns when selling stock in their business and receive tax-free dividends.

The Short Take:

Matt DiFrancesco joins the host to discuss succession planning and transition strategies for family-owned businesses, with a focus on collision shops. Matt shares his journey in the financial services industry and how he found his niche in the collision industry. He emphasizes the importance of proactive succession planning and the challenges that arise when family dynamics and emotions come into play.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Succession planning should start early, even if the transition is years away. Building value and preparing the business for a successful exit requires long-term strategic planning.

  2. Family dynamics and emotions can complicate succession planning. It is important to address conflicts, set clear expectations, and involve all stakeholders in the decision-making process.

The Short Take:

Dave Ramsey discusses the topic of growing a business with Joel, the owner of a pest control company. Joel seeks advice on how to keep good employees year-round and incentivize them during the slower months. Ramsey advises Joel to expand his business offerings beyond the niche of pest control and diversify his revenue streams.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Diversify your business offerings to balance revenue flow throughout the year.

  2. Consider adding products to your website to create an additional stream of income.

The Short Take:

Pete Seligman is a search fund investor and entrepreneur based in Australia. With a background in engineering, finance, and project management, Currently, Pete is actively involved in the search fund community, where he supports and mentors aspiring entrepreneurs in their quest to acquire businesses.

Key Takeaways:

  1. The search fund model offers a unique pathway to business ownership and investment, providing an alternative option for business owners considering an exit strategy.

  2. Self-awareness and finding the right fit are crucial when exploring entrepreneurship through acquisition, as it requires a deep understanding of personal goals and strengths.

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In the Knowledge 

The information in the following articles is important for any business, particularly for new acquisitions. Add them to your Knowledge Bank.

With the economy faltering, geopolitical crises on the rise, and a protracted cost-of-living crisis, 2024 is fraught with difficulties. When faced with uncertainty, people’s natural reaction is often to hunker down and weather the storm. But for businesses, this response can bring greater challenges further down the line. Rebecca Homkes, director of the consultancy Strategic Management Centre and author of Survive Reset Thrive, claims this mindset drives organizations to lurch between recession-proofing and business as normal, meaning they never build the discipline or capability to be great at either. Read more here…

Very small businesses and businesses owned by disadvantaged individuals sometimes need extra help connecting to opportunities that are available to them like access to capital and contracting opportunities. A new program through the U.S. Treasury Department opening up to states, the District of Columbia, and Tribal governments will now give them the technical assistance to do so. Read more here…

Five years after co-founding a marketing agency, my partner and I were approached with an offer to merge our small business with a larger agency in exchange for C-suite positions and a percentage of ownership. A merger sounded like a smart move—we were looking for a way to expand and scale our agency and I was ready to embrace change. I spent the next 12 months trying to make it work before admitting it wasn’t meant to be. Read more here…

Companies often face the most unexpected issues when it comes to growth: The very success that propels them forward can also become their greatest challenge. Rapid growth, while indicative of a business's vitality, can present complexities requiring business owners to take notice of. Read more here…

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In the calendar … 

A twice-monthly networking meeting where acquisitions entrepreneurs come together online to build teams, share ideas and resources, and help each other succeed. The first and Third Tuesday of each month. Check it out...

M&A SOUTH is the premier networking event in the South for participants in all facets of corporate growth and Middle Market deal-making. 

This LIVE event presents the opportunity for intermediaries, corporate development officers, accountants, lawyers, senior lenders, and other deal makers to meet and greet with top private equity and mezzanine capital providers. Check it out…

MIT ETA Conference (Feb 16) - Cambridge, MA

Get ready to dive into a day full of engaging presentations and interactive sessions covering a wide range of topics such as value creation with AI, ETA to reduce the racial wealth gap, and more. Whether you're an aspiring searcher, currently in the environment, or just exploring, there's something for everyone at the ETA Conference.Wharton ETA Club (Spring 2024) - Philadelphia, PA

Presented by MASource.org. Check it out.

Capital Camp is an upcoming event scheduled for May 21-23, 2024, in Columbia, Missouri. The event is described as a gathering for "curious, kind, and thoughtful investors, capital providers, entrepreneurs, and executives" who are pushing boundaries and breaking new ground.

The event spans three days and three nights, offering serious investing conversations in a relaxed setting—think shorts and sandals rather than suits and ties. Attendees can expect interactive programming, a variety of outdoor activities, and an endless supply of food, drink, and entertainment.

The event has received high praise from past attendees, with many describing it as the most valuable and best investing conference they've ever attended. Check it out…

AI & Big Data Expo North America – Conference & Exhibition June 5-6 - SANTA CLARA CONVENTION CENTER, CA

Discovering the intelligent future through AI & Big Data. AI & Big Data Expo is the leading event for Enterprise AI, Machine Learning, Security, Ethical AI, Deep Learning, Data Ecosystems, and NLP. Check it out…

Through a dynamic mix of lectures, case studies, class discussions, hands-on learning, and visits from guest speakers, this program provides critical insights and powerful tools for the successful formulation and execution of an M&A strategy — one that creates true value for your organization. Check it out…

The Kayo Women’s M&A Summit unites 300 women leaders in mergers & acquisitions, private equity deal-making and capital markets. Over the course of two days, attendees can expect to generate deal opportunities through peer-to-peer networking, educational content, and a supportive community atmosphere in the private equity hub of Boston. Check it out…


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