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[G&A] Growth & Acquisition - Walker Deibel; Daniel Priestley; Jeremy Harbour; M&A Secret Weapon; Unlock Customer Insights; Venture Building; M&A Networking; +++

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In the News

Women’s distinct deal-making talents became evident during a conversation with a male CEO I was interviewing for my M&A book. “You know, a man would never write this kind of book. It would never dawn on a guy to be addressing this emotional stuff. From my experience, it’s how people act or don’t act that dooms the deal. Women’s ability to anticipate and provide guidance on the more personal aspects of a deal is invaluable,” he suggested. Indeed. Read more here…

Having better data means making better business decisions. See how our Customer Insights solution can help give you the customized data insights you need quickly and easily. Read more here…

Businesses prioritizing DEI is key to opening doors and breaking down barriers for women and minority entrepreneurs. Funding the ventures of diverse founders is a first step, but investors need to update policies and support laws that codify equitable access to capital.

When organizations support a foundation of belonging and expand opportunity, they create positive ripple effects that help drive long-term value. Read more here…

Many people still associate artificial intelligence (AI) with science-fiction dystopias, but that characterization is waning as the technology develops and becomes more commonplace in our daily lives. Today, AI is a household name — and sometimes even a household presence. Perhaps more importantly, it’s becoming an increasingly crucial business tool with ramifications across multiple industries. 

We’ll explain more about AI, how it impacts business and why adopting AI technologies is imperative to maintain a competitive edge. Read more here…

Investors today no longer reward companies for incremental changes in their core business. Embracing digital throughout the business can help traditional companies exponentially increase value and their ability to compete with digital natives, if done correctly. However, an EY-Parthenon report finds that 70% of digital investments don’t capture their intended value and only 16% of companies have a clearly defined digital strategy. Read more here…

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Episode Summary:

In this engaging episode of the How2Exit podcast, host Ronald Skelton is thrilled to welcome Walker Deibel, known for 'Buy Then Build'. Walker discusses the evolution of the acquisitions industry, highlighting the shift from seller financing to structured loans like those backed by the SBA – a significant enabler for transactions in the current market.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Acquisition entrepreneurship is about taking calculated risks, rather than searching for low-investment, high-return scenarios.

  2. Building rapport with the seller and understanding a business's culture are crucial in the acquisition process.

The Short Take

Jeremy Harbour, a seasoned expert in mergers and acquisitions, shares his profound insights into the art of buying and selling businesses with minimal risk. Harbour emphasizes that the real gains in business are realized at the point of sale rather than during the operational phase. He discusses his personal evolution into acquisition entrepreneurship, beginning in the telecoms industry, and expands on the strategic and mindset shifts necessary to thrive in this niche area.

The Key Takeaways

  1. Mindset Shifts: Harbour stresses the importance of a mindset shift for entrepreneurs, moving from operational management to strategic acquisitions and sales to maximize profit.

  2. Twelve Ways to Buy Businesses: He outlines twelve innovative strategies for acquiring businesses, such as mergers, vendor finance, and ‘hospital passes’, demonstrating the diversity and creativity required in modern mergers and acquisitions.

The Short Take

The episode unravels Nazarian’s journey from an immigrant to a billionaire entrepreneur, detailing his early struggles and subsequent triumphs in establishing a global business empire that spans nightlife, luxury hotels, and innovative food technology. Nazarian’s story is not just about financial success but also about cultural impact, resilience, and the transformative power of entrepreneurship.

The Key Takeaways

  1. Immigrant to Innovator: Sam Nazarian’s journey from Iran to the U.S. and his ascent in the business world underscores the immigrant’s relentless pursuit of the American Dream.

  2. Strategic Acquisitions: His strategic moves, such as acquiring iconic properties and merging with AccorHotels, played a pivotal role in cementing his status in the luxury hospitality sector.

The Short Take

Rafael Quinn shares his journey of building a mini Berkshire Hathaway through strategic business acquisitions. With a focus on creating a diversified holding company, Quinn delves into the intricacies of identifying and acquiring undervalued businesses, emphasizing a meticulous due diligence process and the critical importance of strong management teams. His approach is grounded in patience and precision, aiming to secure sustainable growth and long-term value rather than quick flips.

The Key Takeaways

  1. Strategic Acquisition as a Growth Strategy: Quinn explains how acquisition entrepreneurship can serve as a potent growth strategy, allowing for the rapid expansion of a business portfolio without the foundational risks of starting from scratch.

  2. Importance of Management Teams: A recurring theme is the importance of having a robust management team in place post-acquisition, which Quinn identifies as a crucial factor in the sustained success of the businesses under his holding company.

The Short Take

Josh Tolley, an experienced entrepreneur and author, who passionately discusses why millennials should consider buying a business as a fast track to wealth accumulation. Tolley dispels common misconceptions about buying and selling businesses, emphasizing the strategic advantages of acquisitions over starting from scratch. His insights are not only practical but also underscore the importance of critical thinking, logical deduction, and due diligence in the acquisition process.

The Key Takeaways

  1. Accelerated Path to Entrepreneurship: Buying an established business can be a faster route to success than starting a new one from the ground up.

  2. Importance of Selling Businesses at the Right Time: Timing the sale of a business is crucial for maximizing profit.

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In the Knowledge 

The information in the following articles is important for any business, particularly for new acquisitions. Add them to your Knowledge Bank.

If you know you need to get more customers for your business to grow, survive or thrive, and you have a team, you need to bring them with you on that journey. Even though this business could have taken more clients on, the team also needed support in terms of improved systems, managing workloads, and feeling heard in their concerns. Any marketing added before those areas were managed was going to be potentially wasted, as the team was not on board. Read more here…

Salsify, with thousands clients worldwide among brand manufacturers, distributors and retailers, is taking multiple steps to further develop its technology that helps companies develop and share product content that wins over online buyers.

At the company’s annual Digital Shelf Summit in Nashville, Tennessee, last week, about 800 attendees shared information about how Salsify is using AI, automation and other cutting-edge developments to improve how branded product descriptions and images are managed and syndicated to attract online customers and boost conversion rates. Read more here…

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In the BIG Guys Corner … (middle market and above) 

Salesforce’s reported bid to acquire enterprise data management vendor Informatica could mean consolidation for the integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) market and a new revenue stream for Salesforce, according to analysts.

“With this deal, Salesforce would be the dominant data integration company, making it the starting point for enterprises trying to bring disparate data sources together,” said Hyoun Park, chief analyst at Amalgam Insights. Read more here…

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In the Sosh … who to follow this week

Daniel is an award-winning entrepreneur and best-selling author. Founder of Dent Global & ScoreApp. Awarded Entrepreneur of the Year. His mission: to develop entrepreneurs who stand out, scale up and make a dent.

Dent Global develops entrepreneurs to stand-out, scale-up & make a meaningful impact in the world. As Cofounder of ScoreApp, an AI enabled platform for creating surveys, assessments and quizzes, he has helped more than 5000 companies globally with market research and lead generation. ScoreApp’s mission is to make data analytics simple, powerful and fun for small businesses.

Check out his available resources at linktr.ee/danielpriestley, scoreapp.com, and danielpriestley.com. You can also connect with him on LinkedIn. 

In the calendar … 

A twice-monthly networking meeting where acquisitions entrepreneurs come together online to build teams, share ideas and resources, and help each other succeed. The first and Third Tuesday of each month. Check it out...

At DealMAX (formerly InterGrowth), the entire middle market community converges under one roof for three days of efficient dealmaking, idea-sharing, and maximizing the growth potential of their networks and M&A success. Check it out…

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Experience The Wall Street Journal’s Future of Everything Festival May 21-23, 2024, where diverse global newsmakers share unique perspectives on navigating a changing world. Immerse yourself in live performances, explore pioneering technologies and indulge in the city’s inventive culinary scene. Check it out…

Capital Camp is an upcoming event scheduled for May 21-23, 2024, in Columbia, Missouri. The event is described as a gathering for "curious, kind, and thoughtful investors, capital providers, entrepreneurs, and executives" who are pushing boundaries and breaking new ground.

The event spans three days and three nights, offering serious investing conversations in a relaxed setting—think shorts and sandals rather than suits and ties. Attendees can expect interactive programming, a variety of outdoor activities, and an endless supply of food, drink, and entertainment.

The event has received high praise from past attendees, with many describing it as the most valuable and best investing conference they've ever attended. Check it out…

AI & Big Data Expo North America – Conference & Exhibition June 5-6 - SANTA CLARA CONVENTION CENTER, CA

Discovering the intelligent future through AI & Big Data. AI & Big Data Expo is the leading event for Enterprise AI, Machine Learning, Security, Ethical AI, Deep Learning, Data Ecosystems, and NLP. Check it out…

Through a dynamic mix of lectures, case studies, class discussions, hands-on learning, and visits from guest speakers, this program provides critical insights and powerful tools for the successful formulation and execution of an M&A strategy — one that creates true value for your organization. Check it out…

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The Kayo Women’s M&A Summit unites 300 women leaders in mergers & acquisitions, private equity deal-making and capital markets. Over the course of two days, attendees can expect to generate deal opportunities through peer-to-peer networking, educational content, and a supportive community atmosphere in the private equity hub of Boston. Check it out…


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