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  • [G&A] Growth & Acquisition - Pat Flynn; Alex Hormozi: 10x Your Pricing. 10x Your Business; Successful M&A Integration; Force-Multipliers for Growth; Texting Is Essential; +++

[G&A] Growth & Acquisition - Pat Flynn; Alex Hormozi: 10x Your Pricing. 10x Your Business; Successful M&A Integration; Force-Multipliers for Growth; Texting Is Essential; +++

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In the News

Companies that do more M&A deliver better shareholder returns, as the data has proven again and again. Plus, they’re getting better as time goes on. The advantage in shareholder returns achieved by frequent acquirers has more than doubled over the past 20 years, from 57% to 130% (see the Bain Brief “How Companies Got So Good at M&A”). Read more here…

What’s the one thing you do before making a big purchase? Before buying a house, a car or even a pricey gadget? You research. You watch videos, read articles, scroll through reviews, speak with friends and family.

That’s what we do as consumers to dodge the regret of a bad decision—a decision that could set us back years. Ever wonder what businesses do in similar high-stakes situations like mergers and acquisitions (M&A)? The answer is the same: Market research. Read more here…

While AI promises unprecedented possibilities, the challenge has been understanding how to navigate the labyrinth of investments and priorities while reining in costs. In webinars and tech conferences, industry professionals have been grappling with the challenge of maximizing the benefits of AI while minimizing associated costs. Read more here…

Global industries are facing a polycrisis: geopolitical conflicts, economic slowdown, supply chain disruptions, labour shortage, climate change and other external pressures are adding to uncertainty.

Nevertheless, companies are recognising that this crisis also provides key opportunities to innovate, distinguish their business from the competition, and lay foundations for lasting success. Recent CEO surveys are highlighting growth as the top CEO priority for the next 12 months. Rather than retreating or laying low, 69 per cent of CEOs remain optimistic about their companies’ prospects. Read more here…

From managing and mitigating historic levels of uncertainty to striking the right return on investment (ROI) from the crowded field of digital innovations and solutions promising to transform work, all the way to monitoring macroeconomic trends and surging geopolitical risk — it has never been more crucial for chief financial officers (CFOs) to work to ensure they are making their businesses more resilient and better positioned to invest for growth. Read more here…

To succeed in modern business, you must meet your customers where they are and quickly deliver recognizable value. From a communications standpoint, if you can’t connect with your audience in their preferred way, they’ll simply go to another brand that will. Read more here…

For organizations in these industries and others, investing in digitalization to drive efficiency can help to facilitate approaches for achieving predefined objectives and key results (OKRs) such as loss prevention, revenue growth, value chain optimization, risk mitigation, food safety and compliance.

Based on my experience, a common denominator exists among companies that prioritize technology adoption that generates a high return on investment (ROI): They operate proactively instead of reactively. This enables them to leverage technology for efficiency returns extending beyond the specific use case. Read more here…

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The Short Take

Helen Todd interviews Maddie Bell, CEO and founder of Scheduler AI. The episode delves into the transformative potential of AI agents, from enhancing business productivity to reshaping workflows across various industries. Maddie shares her journey from brand management at Procter & Gamble to leading a pioneering AI company, emphasizing the importance of responsible AI development and the future of AI as integral components in business operations.

The Key Takeaways

  1. Phases of AI: Maddie outlines the evolution from basic chatbots to integrated AI, and now agentive AI.

  2. Scheduler AI: A tool that automates scheduling by integrating into business systems, enhancing productivity and revenue.

  3. AI's Future: AI tools will increasingly function like employees, autonomously managing workflows across platforms.

The Short Take

Ray Drew, a top-producing SBA Business Development Officer, discusses the intricacies of securing SBA loans for buying or running a business. Drew offers insights into the SBA loan process, the benefits, and common pitfalls, providing valuable guidance for entrepreneurs looking to leverage SBA financing.

The Key Takeaways

  1. Eligibility and Ownership: SBA loans require at least 51% U.S. citizen or permanent resident ownership.

  2. Types of SBA Loans: The 7A loan program is the most popular, with flexible uses, including acquisitions and real estate.

  3. Equity Injection: A minimum of 10% equity injection is required, though this can vary with seller financing

The Short Take

Jens Grudno shares his journey of acquiring DOVO, a bankrupt 117-year-old manufacturer of straight razors. Jens, with no prior experience in the industry, dives into the challenges and strategic decisions involved in turning around a legacy business. His story highlights the importance of value investing principles, risk assessment, and the resilience required to revive a declining business.

The Key Takeaways

  1. Value Investing: Jens applied principles from Benjamin Graham’s “The Intelligent Investor” to assess the potential and risks of buying DOVO.

  2. Acquisition Strategy: He focused on the brand’s strong legacy, unique product, and limited competition as key factors.

  3. Initial Challenges: The initial state of the business was chaotic, with outdated facilities and disorganized operations.

The Short Take

Alex Hormozi discusses strategies for drastically increasing your business’s profit, pricing, and overall growth. Hormozi shares his six-step framework for building a strong personal or business brand, focusing on branding concepts, customer targeting, and the importance of keeping promises to create a positive and enduring brand reputation.

The Key Takeaways

  1. Brand Association: Building a brand involves pairing your business with positive associations.

  2. Value Proposition: Focus on delivering a strong value proposition to your target audience.

  3. Cost and Value Dynamics: Understanding customer acquisition cost (CAC) versus lifetime value (LTV) is crucial.

The Short Take:

Ronald Skelton converses with the accomplished investment banker Michael Mufson about the significance and process of selling a business through investment banking.Michael elucidates the importance of having strong financials, such as reviewed or audited financials and a quality of earnings report, for businesses looking to sell. He also stresses the necessity of understanding the valuation of a business, customer concentration, and other factors that can affect a company’s saleability.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Preparation is Key: Businesses should have reviewed or audited financials and a quality of earnings report before going to market.

  2. Industry Cycles: Timing the market correctly and preparing for cyclical changes can significantly impact the success of a sale.

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In the Knowledge 

The information in the following articles is important for any business, particularly for new acquisitions. Add them to your Knowledge Bank.

AI marketing tools are switching things up in the marketing landscape. They help businesses enhance their strategies, streamline processes, and drive better results.

In this article, we’ll explore the best AI marketing tools, their applications, and how they can benefit businesses of all sizes. Just because understanding AI for marketing is crucial to staying competitive in today’s digital world – whether you’re a small business owner or part of a large marketing agency! Read more here…

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In the BIG Guys Corner … (middle market and above) 

ELC’s total investment in Deciem, net of cash, is approximated to be US$1.7 billion over the three tranches. These amounts are subject to post-closing adjustments.

Industry disruptor Deciem, also known as ‘The Abnormal Beauty Company’, grew in popularity because of its consumer-focused approach to beauty marketing. Read more here…

SAP has agreed to buy WalkMe, a tool for offering workers personalized guidance on how to use software, for $1.5 billion in cash. There’s clearly a lot at stake for SAP as its offer, announced Wednesday morning, was 45% over WalkMe’s closing share price on Tuesday night. The companies expect the acquisition to close in the third quarter of 2024, provided that regulators and WalkMe’s shareholders approve the deal. Read more here…

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In the Sosh … who to follow this week

Pat was laid off from his dream job as an architect during the Great Recession in 2008. In less than a year, he built a 6-figure online business helping architects pass an exam and started sharing that process on my blog, “Smart Passive Income” (SPI). SPI has since become a leading resource for entrepreneurship and online business.

Pat also started and sold several companies across various industries, including iPhone app development, software, and food trucks and is the co-founder and co-inventor of a physical product and e-commerce company, Switchpod. Switchpod is an innovative tripod for videographers and YouTubers that launched on Kickstarter in 2019 and generated nearly a half-million dollars in 60 days.

Connect with Kim at LinkedIn and Youtube.

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A twice-monthly networking meeting where acquisitions entrepreneurs come together online to build teams, share ideas and resources, and help each other succeed. The first and Third Tuesday of each month. Check it out...

Through a dynamic mix of lectures, case studies, class discussions, hands-on learning, and visits from guest speakers, this program provides critical insights and powerful tools for the successful formulation and execution of an M&A strategy — one that creates true value for your organization. Check it out…

Established in 2018, Ai4 is now the epicenter of the global AI ecosystem and the industry’s only must-attend annual event. Discover the latest applications, the state of generative AI, and best practices shaping the future of artificial intelligence. Check it out…

Join us at the San Diego Small Business Expo 2024, a must-attend event for entrepreneurs and small business owners! Get ready to connect, learn, and grow your business in person at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina on Fri Sep 20, 2024 at 10:00AM PST. Check it out…

The Kayo Women’s M&A Summit unites 300 women leaders in mergers & acquisitions, private equity deal-making and capital markets. Over the course of two days, attendees can expect to generate deal opportunities through peer-to-peer networking, educational content, and a supportive community atmosphere in the private equity hub of Boston. Check it out…

The ETA Group at Chicago Booth, the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and the Kellogg Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative are delighted to host the 11th Annual Booth-Kellogg Entrepreneurship through Acquisition (ETA) Conference in 2024. Check it out…


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