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In the News, Blogs, and AI …

Done right, a merger & acquisition leader’s timeline aligns everyone around what’s getting done by whom when at the leadership level. Mergers and acquisitions never travel in a straight line. Different leaders will need to pull from different playbooks in different orders in different situations, adjusting as they learn. Subtleties and nuances matter. This is why it’s so important to read between the lines. (650 words) Read more here…

"We'll never have too many smart or resourceful people"

There is no shortage of deal news involving Gallagher, which has already reported at least 23 acquisitions in the year so far. Following the broking group’s purchase of Virginia-based The Andersen Group (Andersen), Insurance Business caught up with Bumpy Triche, president, Mid-South at Gallagher, to find out how the insurance giant looks at deals on a regional level.

Gallagher announced the purchase of retail insurance agency Andersen earlier this month and, according to Triche, the business and its owner, Frank Andersen, had been on the acquirer’s radar for years. (655 words) Read more here…

There are several avenues (and reasons) for a small company to level-up through a merger or an acquisition.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) have become increasingly popular among large corporations as a business strategy. However, small and medium-sized businesses may hesitate to engage in M&A due to the perceived complexities and risks involved. This shouldn't necessarily be the case. (820 words) Read more here…

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming how tech assets are evaluated for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) through more efficient, accurate, and predictive analyses.

M&A involves complex activities across multiple phases, requiring cohesive cooperation within a competitive timeframe. However, technologies like AI and data analytics have emerged as crucial drivers for successful M&A transactions. As Kevin Knoepp, operating partner and CTO at Trilogy Search Partners, notes, these tools significantly accelerate each step of the M&A process. (1200 words) Read more here…

It’s essential for leaders to make cultural integration a core part of their acquisition plan, no matter what size and scale of change they are pursuing.

It’s well established that corporate culture can make or break an organization. Aside from the obvious benefits of aiding in staff recruitment, engagement, and retention, an exceptional culture is a competitive advantage. Culture has a significant impact on individual and organizational performance, productivity, innovation, and problem-solving. (1046 words) Read more here…

In the Pods …

Many people want to become entrepreneurs, but is there an alternative to starting one from scratch? Sometimes it makes sense to acquire and claim an existing one as your own. So where and how should you begin the process? 

As a seasoned acquisition specialist, Chelsea Wood says there's no right way to buy a business, and the process can be complicated. There is a lot of contradictory advice and varying perspectives when purchasing an existing business, so it's crucial to partner with an expert familiar with the most suitable approach. Chelsea shares how she helps and supports entrepreneurs in each phase of the acquisition process to mitigate their risk. [40:13] Listen here…

What does it take to become a successful entrepreneur? Join us in this two-part series of The Deal Room Podcast as Chris Rolls, Managing Partner at PieLAB Capital, shares hard-won wisdom from his entrepreneurial journey. He and host, commercial lawyer Joanna Oakey, talk through business sales and acquisitions, how to start and invest in businesses, as well as approach entrepreneurship with purpose. 

In part one of this series, Chris Rolls, a serial entrepreneur, shares his early business experience and some lessons learned early on in his business career.

In part two, Chris shares his insights and experiences on what makes a business valuable to an acquirer, including stable revenue, operational independence, and a strong management team. Part 1 [24:28] Part 2 [24:13] Listen here Part 1, Part 2

In this episode we introduce you to Malcolm Peace, who shares his insights on acquisitions. Malcolm believes that acquisitions are about "Buying Time," as they provide an opportunity to fast-track growth and success. He emphasizes the importance of getting inspiration from various sources to enhance decision-making. 

Malcolm credits his mentors for guiding him in his journey. Their wisdom and advice have played a significant role in shaping his approach to acquisitions. He reflects on whether an ERP project was merely a skill test or a real customer, highlighting the importance of intentionality when all the pieces start coming together. [1:03:09] Listen here…

John is the President of Stone Oak Capital Inc., an M&A advisory firm. For over 20 years, John has executed numerous valuations, financings, acquisitions and divestitures in various industries. John is also the co-founder of Divestopedia, the leading online educational resource on mid-market M&A. 

He emphasizes the need for focus and specialization, as well as the value of learning from personal experiences in acquiring and winding down businesses. Carvalho also highlights the role of corporate acquirers in the market and the opportunities they have to provide fair and attractive offers to sellers. [57:31] Listen here…

Michael (@girdley), Heather (@EndresenHeather, Bill, and special guest Kelcey (@kelceylehrich) dive into a supplements business and share some exciting news about the hold-co conference. [28:40] Listen here…

In the Knowledge 

Growing a business internationally might be challenging but can bring huge benefits. By taking your company into foreign markets, you can gain access to a much larger customer base. It also provides opportunities to hire from new talent pools and to grow your brand visibility. 

Businesses looking to move their operations abroad should be aware of cultural differences, however. The difference between a successful and unsuccessful international expansion ultimately hinges on due diligence. 

Entering new foreign markets can be a daunting prospect. Here are some expert tips on how to take your company into different countries. (1328 words) Read more here…

The soccer team's strategy provides businesses small and large with a roadmap for customer engagement.

Few industries have mastered the art of fan engagement as well as the sports industry. Sports teams are increasingly utilizing technology to increase fan engagement and create a smoother, more seamless fan experience. A great example of this is the Los Angeles Football Club, commonly known as LAFC. They have an unrivaled ability to use technology to connect and captivate their fans, and they have created a community of passionate supporters eager to invest in the team's success. (xxx words) Read more here…

In the BIG Guys Corner … (middle market and above) 

(Reuters) - Ladbrokes-owner Entain on Monday agreed to acquire U.S.-based Angstrom Sports for 122 million pounds ($159.5 million) as it looks to widen its footprint in the country.

The acquisition of the sports modelling, forecasting and data analytics company will comprise a total consideration of 81 million pounds and contingent payments over three years, the company said in a statement. (203 words) Read more here…

July 14 (Reuters) - The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has sought additional information and documentary material related to Pfizer's (PFE.N) proposed acquisition of Seagen Inc (SGEN.O), Seagen said on Friday.

The antitrust agency sent the requests separately to both the companies, a regulatory filing said.

Pfizer struck a $43 billion deal in March to acquire Seagen and its targeted cancer therapies, to counter the fall in COVID-related sales and generic competition for some top-selling drugs. (199 words) Read more here…

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“The Acquisition Guy” | Helping SMB's grow fast through buying assets and profitable businesses with no money down. Acquisitions are probably the fastest growth tool for SMB's, but most business owners seem to be unaware of its potential for their bottom line. He wants to change that.

Connect with him on LinkedInGrowExpandExit website.

Experience with a large and diverse portfolio of organisations in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, contract law, procurement, commercial law, and branding. Host of two of the top business law podcasts in Australia: Talking Law and The Deal Room.

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This special Event sponsored in conjunction with our sister newsletter, The Deep by Ronald Skelton

Block your calendar for this special M&A event The 2023 Business Acquisition Virtual Summit 📈 - July 26-28

How2Exit, our sister site, is proud to sponsor this 100% online event packed with 3 FULL days of expert presentations from the world’s most recognizable acquisition entrepreneurs.

It’s a “Who’s Who” of M&A with Jeremy Harbour. Roland Frasier. Carl Allen. Walker Deibel. Nick Bradley. Plus 20+ more M&A leaders.

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(Note: These are affiliate links. We appreciate your support.)

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The Exit Meetup is a local meet-up for like-minded business owners.

Meet others, and talk about growth and the opportunity to buy or sell. Plus, hear from a successful acquisition entrepreneur. This is an informative and entertaining meetup aiming to connect owners and investors in a fun environment. Check it out

A twice-monthly networking meeting where acquisitions entrepreneurs come together online to build teams, share ideas and resources, and help each other succeed. The first and Third Tuesday of each month. Check it out

The annual Southeast Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition Conference is hosted by the Duke Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the Duke Fuqua School of BusinessBatten Institute at the University of Virginia Darden School of BusinessUNC Kenan-Flagler Business School and Georgetown University McDonough School of Business. This conference is designed to educate, encourage and equip current and recent MBA students and mid-career professionals in the Southeast US to pursue the acquisition and operation of a small or mid-sized business. Check it out…

The official “Un-Conference” of micro-PE. Where Holding Companies Meet, Learn, Scale, and Grow. Check it out

This will be an afternoon/evening mixer for SMB owners, investors, and operators. We'll be in the Hill Country of Texas with - Catered food - Live music - Pool - Fire pit - Fly in, build your network, make some IRL friends

The Self-Funded Search Conference is the first and only conference dedicated exclusively to the self-funded search model of entrepreneurship through acquisition (“ETA”) – exclusively for self-funded searchers. This annual conference is hosted by the Self-Funded Search Association (“SFSA”), a not-for-profit organization (NFPO) for individuals who are seeking to purchase a company through the self-funded path to entrepreneurship through acquisition. Check it out

The State of Search in the U.S. Conference focuses on search fund entrepreneurs, bringing them together with investors, students, and faculty. By Rice Entrepreneurship Association. Check it out

The Booth-Kellogg ETA Conference is an annual event that brings together search fund entrepreneurs, investors, MBA students, faculty, and other participants in the ETA ecosystem to meet one another and share insights into this rapidly-growing area. The 10th Annual Booth-Kellogg ETA Conference at the Marriott Magnificent Mile | 540 Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL. Check it out


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